1.  How long does it take to make a batch of cookies?
It depends on design difficulty, number of cookies, how many icing colors I have to use, etc.  But roughly, a minimum of four days-about 3-5 hours/day.

2.  How far in advance to I need to place my order?
At least two weeks ahead of time.  It takes several days to make the cookies.  Complexity of design and number of cookies also affects the time needed complete an order.  My dough needs to be chilled overnight before it can be rolled and baked.  Cookies have to be completely cool before icing can be put on them.  Mixing the icing takes some time.  The more colors I need to mix, the more time it will take.  Some designs need several drying times and royal icing takes several hours to completely dry.  The design must be completely dry before I can package the cookies.  It is best to place your order early to make sure they will be ready on time.  Also, I can only make so many cookies a month, so it's best to go ahead and order so you'll be sure to have a place on my calendar.

3.  Do you do rush orders?
I try not to for the reasons above.  Some simple designs might be able to be rushed, but a more complex design cannot.  It also depends on the number of cookies needed.  All cookies MUST have sufficient drying time before delivery.

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